‘Hitman 3’ is set to be more “serious and darker” than previous entries

More monthly streams will bring new content and news

IO Interactive hosted a live stream today (June 25) detailing some of the features coming to Hitman 3 when it releases in January 2021.

Announcements covered the game’s cast, gameplay, as well as setting.

The cast from Hitman 2 will return and there will be more emphasis on the story by integrating it throughout levels instead of before and after missions. It was confirmed the game will be bringing back fully animated cutscenes similar to Hitman 1 instead of the still images used in the previous game.

The developer also revealed that this time around the game will be “a lot more mature, serious and darker,” but humour will still be key asset that players can enjoy.


The new instalment will follow the steps of its predecessors with six sandbox locations, all of which will be available at launch. Dubai is set to be the first mission that players can take part in. The first game in the trilogy followed an episodic format with a new level released every couple of months and now the developer is stepping away from that formula.

As previously revealed, the game will follow a similar pattern to Hitman 2 in which players were able to bring over the content from the first game. In Hitman 3, players will be able to import levels from the first two games if owned and any unlocks from Hitman 2 will also be unlocked.

It’s already been stated this entry will mark the end of the trilogy and now players can enjoy the story in one complete package.

More information will be delivered over the coming months as the developer has announced more monthly streams with new content and news. You can watch the full stream with all the game details here.

Hitman 3 was initially announced during the PlayStation 5 reveal event. It will also release on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.