‘Horizon Forbidden West’ dev explains how Aloy has evolved in the sequel

"Aloy carries a lot on her shoulders as she continues to face challenges and dangers in these lands"

Guerrilla Games has discussed how Horizon Forbidden West‘s protagonist, Aloy, has changed since the first game.

Explaining in a new PlayStation Blog post, Community Lead at Guerrilla Games, Bo de Vries, spoke about Aloy’s story as well as how she has changed leading up to Horizon Forbidden West in both character and appearance.

“Aloy carries a lot on her shoulders as she continues to face challenges and dangers in these lands,” Vries said. “From a narrative perspective, it was important to convey Aloy’s strength and emotional intelligence, and to provide her with lessons and experiences throughout the game to develop further as a real and relatable protagonist.”


Guerrilla’s Narrative Director Ben McCaw went on to talk about how Aloy differs in the sequel compared to the first time we saw her saying that in Forbidden West, the narrative “doesn’t just show an evolution of Aloy’s character, but also offers more freedom in the way she moves through and experiences the world”.

Horizon Forbidden West. Credit: Guerrilla Games

On the topic of bringing Aloy to life, Bastien Ramisse, Lead Character Artist at Guerrilla spoke about how her design was developed over a long period saying, “As character artists, the team is mainly focusing their attention to always improve the quality and fidelity of the models. So it’s the involvement of multidisciplinary team members such as narrative, concept art, rigging, animation, audio and lighting (to only name a few) mixed with our perseverance and effort which is the true magic that creates fictional characters.”

With the PlayStation 5 comes next-generation technology and Guerrilla Games has utilised this to create a higher quality character within the world of Forbidden West. “Each generation of consoles brings extra power that lets us add even denser polygons to our character models, so we can create finer details such as peach fuzz, smooth contouring, or finer texture details and accurate materials expression, to name a few,” Ramisse said.

The dev also mentioned how the team now has access to an increased number of skeletal joints to bring “deformations and facial expressions to a whole new level”.

Horizon Forbidden West is set to launch on PS4 and PS5 on February 18, 2022.


In other news, a Marvel multiplayer game for the PS5 is reportedly in the works.

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