‘Horizon Forbidden West’ has gyro aiming on PS5 DualSense controller

Players can use the gyro feature in combat

Ahead of the launch of Horizon Forbidden West, a new video has highlighted the game’s gyro aiming with the PS5 DualSense controller.

Twitter user hypedomi, who has early access to the game, demonstrated that the player could control Aloy’s bow thanks to the gyro capabilities of the DualSense (thanks, GamesRadar).

“A quick PSA before you start playing: There’s an awesome new gyro aiming option buried deep in the setting menu,” hypedomi said. “It makes aiming SO MUCH EASIER. Please give it a try. It really changed the way I play the game.”


The video shows the player rotating the controller while Aloy has her bow drawn, revealing that the motion controls are accurate in-game movements. The gameplay also demonstrates what it’s like to fight one of the enemy machines in Horizon Forbidden West, in this case, a Watcher, showing that the gyro mechanics work exceptionally well.

As the Twitter user said, players will need to look into the game’s settings to find the option, so it’s unclear where it’s located. This is the first time the PS5 DualSense gyro capabilities have been shown off in official gameplay, so it’s a surprise to be included.

Horizon Forbidden West launches tomorrow (February 18) for PS4 and PS5 and is a direct sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn.

Yesterday (February 16), Sony announced that the game has a special trophy and will plant a tree for anyone who earns it.

“For the release of Horizon Forbidden West, we want to do something to help nature… with you,” said Sony. “Just like how Aloy fights to save the Earth in the game, we can do something together to help our planet.”


In the meantime, Dead Island 2 could launch in March 2023.

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