‘Horizon Forbidden West’ is aiming for a 2021 release

“We're working very hard to create a worthy sequel”

Guerrilla Games has confirmed that Horizon Forbidden West is expected to arrive on the PlayStation 5 in 2021.

This announcement comes from a video on PlayStation’s official YouTube which provides further details into what players can expect from the sequel.

The look into Horizon Forbidden West was provided by game director Mathijs De Jonge who stated that players will experience “virtually no loading screens”, including when players fast travel or restart a previous checkpoint.


Playing as Aloy, players will be able to discover valleys, deserts and ruined cities. The map will be bigger than Horizon Zero Dawn‘s. Additionally, players will be able to venture underwater in lakes and rivers.

Each biome will have new machines to encounter and overcome. Swamps will Shellsnappers that will protect the land, while Snapmaws will be located underwater, hunting for pray. In order for players to emerge victorious, the machines will have to be scanned and studied.

The land will also play host to many new tribes, some of which will be peaceful, whereas others may be hostile. One such tribe has even learned the ability to override the machines to use in combat.

It’s not only machines that players will have to overcome as something known as the red blight is said to be infecting the land and choking wildlife and tribes. Weather will also be a challenge as super storms ravage the land, causing floods to canyons and fields.

Check out the full developer video above.


Horizon Forbidden West was announced during the PlayStation 5 reveal event along with other games such as Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and a Demon Souls remake.

The console was also revealed for the first time, but Sony did not provide a release date or a price.


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