‘Horizon Forbidden West’ patch tweaks vegetation to improve performance

The update provides a variety of fixes and improvements

The latest patch for Horizon Forbidden West has dropped, bringing with it a range of fixes and improvements.

Patch 1.07 for Horizon Forbidden West has fixed a number of issues found across the main quests of the games. The update fixes issues in quests such as ‘Reach For The Stars’, where the quest would not progress correctly if the second shuttle cable connector was shot first, and another where players could exit the play space.

There are also a number of fixes for side quests, like ‘The Second Verse’ where the Talk To Zo objective would not update after abandoning the quest midway.


The Horizon Forbidden West patch has also fixed a variety of World Activities issues. An issue where the ‘Elusive Fanghorn’ salvage contract quest would not complete correctly and the bug where a player could teleport across the map when reloading a save game in ‘Rebel Outpost Jagged Deep’ has also been fixed.

Horizon Forbidden West
Horizon Forbidden West credit: Guerilla Games

Some UI/UX adjustments have also been made for Horizon Forbidden West such as an added ‘Always Off’ option for weapons and ammo, and tools and potions in the Custom HUD options.

The game has also seen some improvements to graphics, like a smoother transition between Tropospheric and Cirrus cloud layers, as well as better matching of the colouring of the supercell Anvil and Cirrus clouds. And multiple tweaks have been made to vegetation to improve image quality in the Favour Performance mode.

The full patch notes go into a lot more detail, including other fixes and a variety of photo mode improvements. Guerrilla Games also listed known issues that it is currently working on, including that certain tracks are repeated during playthroughs.


In other news, Nintendo has announced that it is delaying Advance Wars: 1+2: Re-Boot Camp due to “recent world events.”

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