‘Horizon Forbidden West’ preview details its open world activities

'Horizon Forbidden West' will keep Aloy very busy

Guerrilla Games has shared a new video that reveals some of what there is to do in the open world of Horizon Forbidden West.

Shared yesterday (February 3), the video – titled “Challenges of the Forbidden West” – takes a look at some of the optional content that players can find in the game’s open world.

Within the settlements scattered across Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy will be able to take a look at each community’s different cultures and engage with them to upgrade her gear. As demonstrated in the video, this includes purchasing different outfits for Aloy and improving her gear for combat.


There’s a brief peak at what some of these upgrades look like in the video, which you can watch below.

To put that new gear to use and make sure it works, players will be able to discover sparring pits within different towns. Here Aloy can practice combat and try out new gear before taking it out to face real danger. On the other hand, there are arenas in the game where confident players can take on real fights – including a battle where Aloy is pitted against a Slitherfang.

Some of that danger can also be found in the hunting grounds of Horizon Forbidden West, a feature that was present in Horizon Zero Dawn. This allows Aloy to venture out and gather materials from any foes she can take down, and there are often challenges in place to spice this up. In the last game, this included things like time trials. As the video outlines, certain characters can issue contracts for players to go and retrieve materials from the wild.

Finally, the video shows that Aloy will also be able to partake in races across the world and explore various ruins, cauldrons and more.


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