‘Horizon Forbidden West’ trailer shows off new tribes

Some familiar and fresh faces alike

Guerilla Games have released a trailer showing off the various tribes you can find roaming across Horizon Forbidden West.

The trailer features a voice-over describing the different tribes in the game. The Oseram return from the first game, once more seeming to be slightly more technologically advanced compared to the other tribes.

The Carja also return to Horizon Forbidden West, a tribe with a strong military focus and closed-off borders. The trailer notes that they “guard their border, afraid of what lies beyond the forbidden west.”


And the trailer also introduces the Utaru, a tribe that was only mentioned in the first game but will now be an important part of the game. “In Plain Song, a red blight consumes the fields, threatening to destroy the cycle of life and rebirth,” says the voice-over. “The Utaru sing to heal the land. But no hymn will save them.”

Lastly, the Tenakth, a tribe that consists of three very different clans, are shown and face confrontation with Regalla, an offshoot of the Tenakth that have gained the ability to take control of the machines.

The trailer also mentions rumours of a stronger tribe somewhere in Horizon Forbidden West. “Strangers past the shore, searching for secrets on the very edge of the west.”

As part of the formal announcement of the PSVR2, a VR spinoff of Horizon called Horizon Call Of The Mountain was also recently revealed. The AAA VR game will feature a new protagonist, though Aloy will still feature somewhere along the line. A former Guerilla Games dev, who also notes didn’t work on the game, claimed that Horizon Call Of The Mountain would change AAA VR. It’s unclear if the VR title will directly tie into Horizon Forbidden West or not.

Horizon Forbidden West is launching on PS4 and PS5 on February 18.


In other news, an artist recently claimed that Rainbow Six Siege is using stolen glitch artwork that they made.