‘Horizon Forbidden West’ update now lets you hoover up resources

No more animation needed to grab those plants

Hidden among the latest Horizon Forbidden West update is a nice quality of life feature that lets you turn off the animation for collecting resources, which speeds up the flow of the gameplay greatly.

As reported by Eurogamer, it seems that this feature was added with the latest patch, but no mention of it was in the patch notes.


Twitter user “VanishingGrace” spotted the toggle had been added when playing, saying: “I’m so glad they added a pickup animation on/off toggle, it saves so much time and doesn’t break exploration continuity or pace.”

The same user even showed off how to toggle the option. It’s in the “General” section of the menu, near the bottom of the options, where you can simply turn the “Pickup Animations” on or off.

Horizon Forbidden West pickup animation
Horizon Forbidden West’s “Pickup Animation” toggle. Credit: Guerilla Games / @vanishinggracee

Many games already offer this kind of thing, with Elden Ring being a recent example. You can ride around on your horse, Torrent, grabbing everything that isn’t nailed down. In Horizon Forbidden West, you can now do similar when on a mount with the animations turned off, to speed up collection.

It’s worth noting that anything found in a chest or that requires you to hold a button down will still need to be picked up in the original way, but items like plants, twigs, and even smaller pieces of loot that have been shot off machines can be picked up quickly now using this new feature.


Horizon Forbidden West patch 1.09 was released on March 30, and mostly brought fixes to individual quest lines that had bugs within them. One of the most requested fixes still hasn’t been actioned, however, and developer Guerrilla Games said that “The team continues to make tweaks to the game’s content with the goal to reduce visual shimmering.”

The rest of the patch was about user interface fixes, performance and stability, and issues that help completionists get 100 per cent in the notebook. Guerrilla Games continues to ask players to submit any issues via this support form, should they find anything wrong.

In other news Days Gone director Jeff Ross has joined the Tomb Raider and Marvel’s Avengers studio Crystal Dynamics, though he won’t say which project he’s working on.

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