Houseqmarque comments on lack of save options in ‘Returnal’

The developer highlighted a Reddit discussion about the game's lack of a save feature

Housemarque has commented on calls for save options to be added to newly released PS5-exclusive, rogue-like shooter Returnal.

Housemarque highlighted a discussion about the possibility of save options on Twitter, saying: “We hear the community and we love you all. Nothing to announce now, but keep playing and enjoying the challenge as you can!”


The Reddit thread that was quoted is titled “No need to be toxic about people who need save-options” and saw reddit user AbUndMax outlining their desire for a save option, due to the time it takes to play a run, saying “busy people need to save!”

AbUndMax explained further: “while I understand that people are saying save file options would kill the rogue-like character because of the ability to just reload I have to say some people aren’t able to play without-save options!

“Myself for example: my first run lasted nearly two hours and it got me straight to Biome two” they said. “The time when I reached the new Biome was 3am for me and I wanted to go to sleep cause I had work the next day…”

In NME‘s five-star review of Returnal, Tom Regan highlighted similar issues rooted in the game’s unforgiving structure and lack of saves. “Unfortunately for me, while attempting to keep my progress during a particularly prolific cycle, my console hard-crashed in Rest mode, losing the run entirely,” he said.

Despite this, Regan spoke highly of the game, closing his review by saying: “Sony and Housemarque have indeed pulled it off – they’ve made the PS5 feel essential again. It’s everything you could have hoped for from a next-gen exclusive. Fair warning, though: it may consume your life.”


Sony’s recent State of Play Presentation, which broadcast on April 29, saw the company show off gameplay from upcoming games such as Ratchet And Clank: Rift Apart, as well as next-gen optimised versions of Subnautica Below Zero, and Among Us.

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