How ‘Battlefield 2042”s extreme weather affects combat

Force on force of nature

EA Dice‘s Battlefield 2042 game designer Daniel Berlin appeared during tonight’s (June 17) Xbox Games Showcase Extended to talks about how extreme weather affects the game’s combat.

Using the new map Hourglass as an example, Berlin discussed how the sandstorm is a massive map-wide wall of sand that sweeps from one side of the map to the other. When caught in the sandstorm, the player’s visibility will be reduced – altering how weapons, tanks, and helicopters will be used.


He also added that debris would light the map differently even after the sandstorm has passed, and its effects will still be relevant.

Berlin also discussed the tornado that was originally revealed in the first Battlefield 2042 trailer. The large column of twisting wind will roam around the map of its own free will, causing chaos wherever it goes.

It changes the physics of an area, throwing around helicopters, cars, and players. This will break up any fight in the area and make outdoor areas unusable while the tornado wreaks havoc.

Connected to this, Berlin talked about the Plus System. This is the new mechanic that allows players to swap attachments mid-match using a new menu. Berlin’s example was that players might want to change their weapon configuration during a sandstorm to better suit the reduced visibility. It can also be used when fighting in confined spaces while a tornado denies outdoor combat.

He states that the game is truly a sandbox in the players’ hands and that players are in control of everything that happens in a match.

Battlefield 2042 is available for pre-purchase on Steam, Origin, and consoles.


EA has announced that Battlefield 2042 will feature AI ‘server-filling’ bots that maintain player numbers outside peak playing hours.

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