How to watch Ariana Grande’s ‘Fortnite’ performance

Choose the best time for you and your friends

Epic GamesFortnite is running its Rift Tour this weekend, and here is how to make sure you catch at least one of the showings.

The Rift Tour takes place from August 6 to 8 and features five screenings of Ariana Grande’s performance, so there should be plenty of opportunities to catch it.

Each show will start at the time listed below, but Epic Games suggests that attendees be in-game at least 60 minutes before the event starts. The playlist for players to join will become available 30 minutes before the start time.



  • August 6 – 11 PM BST
  • August 7 – 7 PM BST
  • August 8 – 5 AM BST
  • August 8 – 11 PM BST

Each of these events will be the same show, so you only need to attend one to get the full experience. However, players can attend as many as they like. All who attend an event will receive a commemorative umbrella to replace their paraglider.

Players who wish to attend the event in style have the option of purchasing Grande’s character skins and other cosmetic items.

Before the event, new challenges were unlocked. These can be completed before, during, or after the event and offer rewards such as a spray, emoticon, and loading screen.

Content creators hoping to stream the Fortnite event or upload it to YouTube have been given some helpful guidelines. Members of the Support-A-Creator program will be able to host content on YouTube. Such hosting will not have any monetisation restrictions for seven days, and no takedowns should be issued afterwards.

Twitch streamers are recommended to disable or mute VODs for their streams containing Rift Tour content. This will protect them against any kind of claims or strikes. For more details, visit the blog page.


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