How to watch the ‘Dead Space’ development stream

Keep your plasma cutter handy

Motive Studio has shared that fans can get their very first look at the upcoming Dead Space remake in a development livestream scheduled for later today (August 31).

The stream will air this evening (August 31) at 6PM BST (10AM PT / 1PM ET), and fans will be able to watch the stream on the official Twitch channel for Motive Studio when it goes live.

While details are brief, this developer livestream will give fans “a very early look at the development of Dead Space“, which will be a complete next-gen remake of the original Dead Space game.


The game will launch on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. However, the exact release date for Dead Space has not yet been specified.

As well as a next-gen graphical rebuild, Dead Space will “do away” with dated ideas from the original, with Art Director Mike Yazijian stating that while the team is “following the story, the art direction, everything, out of respect for the original game,” the remake will “do away with some things that don’t work and make sure the game stays relevant to modern audiences – but even that has to be done surgically”.

Following the remake announcement back in July, Glen Schofield – the creator of the original Dead Space – shared that “Directing the original Dead Space was one of the highlights of my career” and that he is “excited to see what the EA [Motive] team does with it!”.

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