How to watch the ‘Destiny 2: The Witch Queen’ reveal

Here's how you can get involved with 'The Witch Queen' reveal

Initially announced last year, Bungie has been working on the next expansion in the Destiny 2 universe for some time. The team will finally reveal The Witch Queen expansion in a live stream later today. We already know some details about the expansion’s story, based on leaks that appeared earlier today (August 24). However, the stream will likely provide even more details about what players can expect.

The Witch Queen is the sixth expansion to release since Destiny 2 launched in 2017. The last DLC, Beyond Light, launched in November last year, following a brief delay because of the global coronavirus pandemic. The Witch Queen follows on from the events of Beyond Light and will set up the events for the next major expansion, Lightfall, which will bring the long-running story arch to an end.

How to watch ‘The Witch Queen’ reveal

Bungie will reveal The Witch Queen expansion later today, with a stream that takes place at 5pm BST. Viewers can watch the stream over on Bungie’s official website, its Twitch channel, or in the embedded Twitch stream below which will start when Bungie goes live.


The hour long pre-show will probably recount the previous season’s events and touch on the teasers Bungie has already shown for The Witch Queen. When the steam officially starts, players can expect a first look at the new story details, the new location for the expansion and all the additional elements like new weapons or cosmetics.

Previous expansion reveals also typically included a lot of behind-the-scenes footage and commentary from the development team. In the 45-minute reveal for Beyond Light, we learned more about the Bungie sunsetting system, which saw the developer vault several weapons and maps. Bungie has not yet confirmed what content could end up in the vault this time around, but Forsaken could likely be the next DLC expansion to be vaulted. Bungie has previously stated that Forsaken will be vaulted at some point.

In other news, Voxel-based puzzle-adventure title The Touryst will head to Playstation consoles next month.