How to watch the European Speedrunner Assembly 2021 marathon

Here's how you can get involved

Arriving hot on the heels of Summer Games Done Quick 2021, the European Speedrunner Assembly 2021 is currently raising money for Save The Children by speedrunning video games.

The European Speedrunner Assembly 2021 kicked off yesterday (July 24) and will run until July 31. Streamers will speedrun games 24 hours a day, with a schedule that features modern and retro titles.

Much like SGDQ, the European Speedrunner Assembly 2021 will raise money by taking donations during speedruns. There are also prizes available for those who donate over a specific amount.


At the time of writing, the stream has raised almost £6,546 ($9,000). Last year’s event, which took place online, raised £37,811 ($51,985) for the Alzheimer’s Foundation. This year’s event is also taking place online because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

How to watch The European Speedrunner Assembly 2021

The event is already underway, and will run until Saturday (July 31). You can watch it via the Twitch stream below.

Runs to watch out for include a 70 star run of Super Mario FPS, a Zoolander run of Resident Evil in which the player cannot turn left or use the left key, and a speedrun race of Alien: Isolation between two players that involves the use of steering wheels.

There will be another European Speedrunner Assembly in the Winter, which will take place February 2022. You can find out more about the European Speedrunner Assembly and future events by visiting the official website.


In other news, Epic Games has revealed the next batch of free downloadable games on its storefront. From July 29, players can download Mothergunship and Train Sim World 2.

Epic has also made several notable games free through the Epic Store, including Control, Alien: Isolation and Ark: Survival Evolved.

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