How to watch today’s ‘Dead Space’ developer stream

Prepare to be scared

A new Dead Space remake development livestream is scheduled for later today (May 12). Here is how to watch it, what time it starts, and what to expect.

The stream will air this evening (May 12) at 6PM BST / 7PM CET / 10AM PT / 1PM ET. Fans can watch it via the official Dead Space YouTube channel or through Motive Studio’s Twitch channel.

As with previous Dead Space livestreams, details are limited so far but we do know that the focus will be on art.


The livestream has been titled Crafting the Tension. It will offer a look into various aspects of the upcoming game’s art design.

The team will show early footage into how the Frostbite engine is being used on the game to remake the original Dead Space‘s environments, along with its characters, VFX, lighting and more.

Motive has stated that the visual evolutions are from the ground up in a bid to “create a new level of immersion and quality”.

A previous livestream in March focused on how the game’s audio was being improved compared to the original Dead Space. It also suggested that an early 2023 release date was likely for the game.

Since then, Motive has changed the sound effects tied to the Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle weapons following fan feedback. The Plasma Cutter frequency range was rebalanced to focus more on the kick, as well as the lower end, according to EA Motive. On the Dead Space subreddit, the team explained it matched the feel of the original better.


Elsewhere in gaming, Nintendo held its Indie World Showcase yesterday (May 11). During the twenty minute presentation, it confirmed the names of twenty new games coming to the Nintendo Switch. These included Soundfall, a fast-paced, rhythm-based dungeon crawler.