How to watch tonight’s ‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ gameplay showcase

Let's go, bub

A brand new look at gameplay in Marvel’s Midnight Suns is set to arrive tonight (September 7), with developer Firaxis showcasing a battle between the X-Men’s Wolverine and his archnemesis, Sabretooth.

Publisher 2K Games previously revealed the first look at gameplay last week (September 1), with a broad showcase of general combat, relationship management, and development of the heroes’ base, The Abbey. However, the upcoming preview will take a closer look at a specific encounter between two of the greatest enemies in Marvel comics history.

The battle will see Wolverine teaming up with The Hunter, the brand new superhero created for the game, who will be customisable by the player. In the final game, The Hunter will have over 40 abilities to choose from, plus three development paths allowing players to choose between light, dark, and warrior branches depending on their preferred play style.


In an NME interview, creative director Jake Solomon also confirmed that the existing Marvel superheroes appearing in the game will also have some degree of personalisation to their abilities, saying that while The Hunter is the most customisable, “all the heroes have a lot of abilities to customise how you play”. There’s a fair chance that tonight’s stream will spotlight how a Wolverine build might work, and how those abilities will complement The Hunter.

During the gameplay stream, producer and host Caroline Guevara will speak to Solomon and senior franchise producer Garth DeAngelis, who are set to “provide a deeper look into the combat system behind Marvel’s Midnight Suns and provide viewers an in-depth look at how the game plays.”

The stream will begin at 7:30pm BST (11:30am PST, 2:30pm EST), and can be viewed on the game’s official YouTube channel or Twitch page, developer Firaxis Games’ Twitch channel or publisher 2K’s YouTube.

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