‘Humankind’ developers are focusing on releasing modding tools

For now, players can access map-making tools

Amplitude Studios is focusing on releasing Humankind mod tools as soon as possible, though they may be more limited than intended.

Humankind is a 4X strategy game that covers all of human history. Since releasing, developers have been working on fixing bugs but are now ready to start introducing mod tools, which were originally intended to be available at launch. A blog post on the Humankind website provides information on the upcoming tools:

“We’ve talked about our intentions for the modding capabilities of Humankind before, and while the scope of our plans has not changed, we cannot deny that the timing did not work out as we had planned.”


They add that “We’re still working on the modding tools and the Day 1 mod, though we are focusing on the modding tools first to put the first version of these tools into your hands as soon as possible to empower you to create your own mods. This initial release will have more limited capabilities than what we would like to achieve, but we hope to be able to deliver this together with one of the upcoming patches.”

However, Humankind players interested in custom content and tools can still make use of the map editor. To promote the community’s creativity, Amplitude has started a map-making contest with prizes available to win.

Also included in the post are changes and fixes which will be coming in an update soon:

  • Broadened generation conditions of Oil and Uranium deposits to reduce the risk of not enough deposits of either spawning
  • Fixed GamePass players being unable to use multiplayer with the error message “You were forcibly disconnected from the game”
  • Fixed “Stuck on tenet screen if all tenets are taken” bug
  • Fixed several causes of turns not processing and getting stuck
  • Improved AI behaviour and performance

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