‘Humankind’ gets full mod support with mod.io

How long until you can play 'Doom' in 'Humankind'?

Strategy game Humankind will be receiving fully integrated modding support today (November 3), after the feature was originally pushed back from the initial launch.

Humankind will use “full modding support” from mod.io, a cross-platform modding support service from ModDB founder Scott Reismanis.

Speaking on the addition of mod.io to Humankind, Reismanis has said he is “thrilled that official mod support is being introduced into Humankind so early on” and added that “it’s exciting to work with Sega and Amplitude Studios on their creator community launch”.


Meanwhile, Amplitude Studios producer Emilien Gorisse shared the following:

“As devs, it’s always exciting to see how players take your game and make it their own via modding. We’re excited to finally be launching these tools, and we can’t wait to see the community’s creations!”

Humankind. Credit: Amplitude Studios

The 4x civilisation-builder originally launched with an in-game map editor to allow players to mess around with scenarios, however Amplitude Studios shared in August that the timing of adding modding tools to the game “did not work out as we had planned“.

According to a press release, the mod support update will also include “balance changes and setting updates” for the game.

The modding tools can be added to Steam libraries by navigating to the Tools category, though Amplitude has also shared a much more comprehensive guide on modding Humankind.


Back in October, Humankind received a major patch that tweaked the mid to late-game pacing and more options for starting a new match, as well as various other fixes.

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