‘Humankind’ update fixes magenta empire vision and more

Magenta will now play fair

Amplitude Studios has released a new update for Humankind that removes extended vision from the third empire, amongst other changes.

The change to Humankind fixes as an issue where the Empire that filled the third slot would have improved vision on other empires and Independent Peoples when it shouldn’t. This should stop the AI from having an unfair advantage.

Also included in the update is a change to the combat strength of the man of war unit, making it weaker in combat. The game also now has options to alter horizontal and vertical panning speed on the map with keyboard inputs.


Several other important fixes were also added to Humankind in the latest update. One is a fix for an issue that caused save corruption when the buyout features are available. Another fix targets a crash that could occur at the start, which was linked to the web browser plugin used by the in-game encyclopedia. Another fixed issue prevented players from ending their turn after sending a Nuke.

Humankind’s developers are now focusing on releasing mod tools, but they may be more limited than initially intended.

Humankind. Credit: Amplitude Studios

A blog post on the topic said, “We’ve talked about our intentions for the modding capabilities of Humankind before, and while the scope of our plans has not changed, we cannot deny that the timing did not work out as we had planned.”

“We’re still working on the modding tools and the Day 1 mod,” it added. “Though we are focusing on the modding tools first to put the first version of these tools into your hands as soon as possible to empower you to create your own mods. This initial release will have more limited capabilities than what we would like to achieve, but we hope to be able to deliver this together with one of the upcoming patches.”


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