‘Humankind’ will be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC at launch

Did someone research this tech early?

Strategy game Humankind will be immediately available on the Xbox Game Pass catalogue for PC subscribers when it launches on August 17.

As Humankind will be available on the Xbox Game Pass for PC, users of the service will be able to play the 4X strategy game without purchasing a copy. As well as the Xbox Game Pass, the game will be available on Steam, the Epic Games Store and Google Stadia.

Created by Amplitude Studios, Humankind will allow players to lead their chosen culture from the very dawn of civilization to the modern era. From the Steam page, Humankind states that players will be able to rewrite “the entire narrative of human history” and combine different cultures to create “a civilisation that’s as unique as you are”.


Humankind. Credit: Amplitude Studios

Amplitude recently shared all 60 cultures available to play in Humankind, with options ranging from Assyrians to Edo Japanese, Aztecs and Soviets. These cultures are spread throughout their relevant eras in history with unique buffs, and players will be able to chop and choose which culture they add to their civilisation in that period.

Last month, it was announced that Humankind was dropping Denuvo technology before release as “the way it was currently integrated was not good enough, and it’s not something we can fix before release.”

Amplitude has also recently delayed the Mac version of Humankind to roughly one month after the PC release, though they also announced the addition of pollution and other changes.

In other news, game payment company Xsolla has fired 150 employees via a controversial email, leading to the company being accused of spying on their workers. Xsolla offers payment services to companies like Valve, Epic Games and Ubisoft.

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