Humble Games’ Black Game Developer Fund reveals five new projects

Black Game Developer Fund will spend around £799,000 ($1million) this year, helping create a host of upcoming games

Black Game Developer Fund (BGDF), Humble Games’ initiative to fund and support Black game developers worldwide, has made some new announcements in celebration of its second-year anniversary. These include signing on five new projects from development partners and investing around £799,000 ($1million) in funding.

Adam Kareem’s Protodroid Delta, a new 3D action-platformer, has been signed to a publishing agreement with Humble Games, notably being the first BGDF partner to launch their game. Made as an ode to the Sonic and Mega Man franchises, and an ode to the ’90s leap from 2D platformers to 3D, Protodroid Delta has players controlling the titular protodroid as she fights to save the Radia region from the Vyper threat. The game is set to release in early 2023 and a Humble Games page is live now.

Protodroid Delta. Credit: Adam Kareen, Humble Games
Protodroid DeLTA. Credit: Humble Games


In regards to the additional funding, this follows Humble Games representatives, alongside BGDF strategic advisors Sithe Ncube and Justin Woodward, selecting 30+ Black independent developers and studios led by Black developers to receive funding. More information about the second year of BGDF can be read here.

As part of this initiative, five new development partners have been announced – including Code Blue Games, GxGrainSon, Joseph Hooker, Ritual Games, and Weathered Sweater. Formed by developers from Sony, Disney, and Bethesda, Code Blue Games is working on third-person sci-fi action-adventure game 6Degrees, which has characters transferring their minds into robots for combat and exploration.

The rest of the developers are currently working on games with unannounced titles, yet they each have a few details attached to them. GxGrainSon is simply noted as working on a follow-up to their previous game, Arcus Chroma. Joseph Hooker’s project is described as being “compelling”, with modern rendering and post-processing melded with a retro aesthetic.

Meanwhile, Ritual Games developers Darryl Reid and Jon Goldthorpe are hard at work on an unannounced title inspired by “their love of fighting games and ’80s action movies”. Weathered Sweater, founded by award-winning Trinidadian-American game developer Ryan Huggins, is plugging away at an unannounced turn-based survival game.

In other news, Fortnite could be introducing a first-person mode.

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