‘Hunt: Showdown’ receives brand-new live event today

Earn multiple legendary weapons and hunters

Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown is beginning its “Light The Shadow” in-game event starting today.

Players who jump in Hunt: Showdown from today will be able to take part in a new event. The rewards from this event are legendary weapons, Blood Bonds, Hunt Dollars, and two legendary Native American Hunters.

Players have two paths they can follow to earn rewards. Either “path one: pierce the shadow”, or “path two: cleave the shadow”. Each route has different rewards and weapons, and dedicated players can complete both to earn all possible rewards.


Path one tasks players with using a brand new hunting bow to destroy targets. By progressing the path, players can unlock the Hunting Bow and special arrows such as poison, concertina, and frag arrows. There is also a legendary bow that can be unlocked called “The Wayfinder”. The path will also include bow specific traits such as Dewclaw and Hundred Hands. If the path is completed, players will unlock “The Exile”, a legendary hunter.

The second path is the path of the throwing axe. Progress in this path will earn players Hunt Dollars and Blood Bonds. Further down the path, there is also a legendary “Tomahawk” throwing axe. Completing this path unlocks “The Third Son” as a legendary hunter player can deploy.

Alongside the event, a new DLC will become available for Hunt: Showdown. This will be the Bayou Wraith which includes a new legendary hunter, Techie Wraith, and two legendary weapons for players to take into the swamps.

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