ID@XBox showcases ‘Stalker 2’ graphics and 22 Game Pass releases

The Stalker 2 showcase went in-depth on outfits, weapons, and teeth

The ID@XBox showcase has given a brand new look at the survival horror sequel Stalker 2.

The showcase that was aired yesterday (March 26) featured a behind the scenes showcase from GSC Game World’s PR rep Zakahr Bocharov.

GSC chose to mainly show off the derail on their character models, which had outfits that showed off the “scuffs, scratches, and sticking-out threads” that come with the wear and tear of working in the Zone.


The video also showed off the detail of their weapon sculpts, as well as a close-up look at the teeth of characters in the game, which are designed in a manner which allows GSC to give every character a “one-of-a-kind smile”.

GSC also promised gameplay footage from Stalker 2 later in the year. The full video is available below.

Alongside the Stalker 2 news, Microsoft also revealed 22 games that are planned to launch day one on Xbox Game Pass. The full list of games that are coming to the service are listed below.

Art of the Rally (Cloud and Console)
Astria Ascending (Cloud and Console) – 2021
Backbone (Cloud and Console)
Boyfriend Dungeon (Console and PC)
Craftopia (Console and PC)
Dead Static Drive (Console and PC)
Edge of Eternity (Cloud and Console) – 2021
Hello Neighbor 2 (Cloud and Console)
Library of Ruina (Cloud and Console)
Little Witch in the Woods(Cloud and Console)
Moonglow Bay (Cloud and Console)
Narita Boy (Cloud and Console)
Nobody Saves the World (Cloud and Console)
Omno (Cloud and Console) – Summer 2021
Recompile (Cloud, Console and PC) – 2021
Sable (Console and PC)
She Dreams Elsewhere (Console and PC)
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 (Cloud and Console)
The Ascent (Cloud, Console and PC)
Undungeon (Cloud, Console and PC)
Way to the Woods (Cloud and Console)
The Wild at Heart (Console)

Full details of all of the above games are available on Microsoft’s official site.


Microsoft also recently confirmed that it is changing the name of its Xbox Live service for the first time since its creation 19 years ago, in order to better differentiate the service from Xbox Live Gold Memberships.