In-game ‘World Of Warcraft’ protests take place over Activision Blizzard allegations

Hundreds of players have joined the protest, raising money for the Black Girls Code charity

Content Warning: References to alleged harassment and abuse made below

Players in World Of Warcraft have been staging a protest against the game’s developers, Activision Blizzard, after a lawsuit alleged sexual harassment, discrimination, and “frat boy culture”.

Both factions of the game have come together to sit on the steps of the inn in Oribos, discussing the issues surrounding the current lawsuit filed by the State of California against the World Of Warcraft developers.

Speaking to PC Gamer, one of the initiators of the protest who goes by Hinahina said “As a queer indigenous individual, witnessing the mistreatment of people in industries which are conditioned against them has always been something I’ve been passionate about raising awareness for”.

As part of the Fence Macabre guild, Hinahina was involved in setting up the protest, which quickly spread to other servers. The guild is also currently raising money for Black Girls Code.

They went on to say that the World Of Warcraft community has been “very supportive”, and that “the overwhelming sentiment is one of solidarity and intense care for the victims and survivors of Activision Blizzard’s abuse”.

After a two-year investigation, a suit has been filed that alleges women at Activision Blizzard were being paid less than men in the same role, subject to slower promotions, and “numerous sexual comments and advances” both physical and verbal, due to the “frat boy culture” of the workplace.

The complaint goes on to say that “female employees working for the World of Warcraft team noted that male employees and supervisors would hit on them, make derogatory comments about rape, and otherwise engage in demeaning behaviour,” with one former chief technology officer accused of “groping inebriated female employees at company events” as well as hiring applicants based on their looks.

The story broke the same day as an investigation found harassment rife at Ubisoft Singapore.

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