Indie game ‘Death Trash’ recoups dev costs two weeks after launch

Far from trash

Death Trash, which launched into early access at the start of this month, has already covered the costs of its development, according to the developer.

Developer Stephan Hövelbrinks posted on Twitter yesterday about the milestone. Death Trash, which is a post-apocalyptic action adventure with role playing elements, was self-published by the team.


Hövelbrinks went on to add in a further tweet: “To clarify, and not have you expect we’re immediately upscaling and changing the scope of the project: We’re doing solid, but not rolling in cash. We continue as planned.” Future plans for Death Trash include console ports, translations and an eventual 1.0 release.

The developer also broke down how the studio grew in recent years, listing how he only paid himself minimum wage and hired a second developer last year. Hövelbrinks also works with an audio freelancer and a marketing freelancer, as well as renting out office space. Death Trash was also supported by some volunteers who helped beta test the game prior to launch.

The success of Death Trash will allow the team to keep working on the project independently, without the need for outside financing. Hövelbrinks was also thankful that the studio wasn’t in any kind of debt, as many studios often acquire debt when financing the assets needed to form a development studio.

On the same day Hövelbrinks announced his milestone, it was discovered that People Can Fly, the developers behind Outriders, had not yet profited from the game’s launch. CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski cited that Square Enix had likely not yet recouped its costs, which is why the developer had not yet received a profit.

Elsewhere, Psyonix, the developer behind Rocket League, has released an update that adds 120hz compatibility on PS5. The update also included Ratchet And Clank items, which are obtainable in-game.