‘Inscryption’ Mac and Linux ports are being publicly playtested

Players can join in the with testing via Steam

According to Daniel Mullins Games both Mac and Linux ports for Inscryption are on the way.

As outlined in a Steam blog post, ports for Mac and Linux versions of the game are currently in Beta, with the developers asking for help with playtesting.

All owners of Inscryption on Steam can playtest the ports by right-clicking the game in their library, selecting Properties and entering the code “mealwormsigil” in the Betas tab.


Players are then asked to report any bugs or issues within the Beta, which can be done in-game by pressing F11 or in the Daniel Mullins Games Discord Server via the Inscryption Mac bugs channel.

No date was given for the release of the Mac and Linux ports, but the post asking for help says this Beta ends on April 1, meaning they likely won’t come out until after that date.

Inscryption comes from the creator of Pony Island and The Hex, and is a deckbuilding game with escape-room style puzzles and horror elements.

Last year a mini-expansion for Inscryption turned the game into a rogue-like, as the Kaycee’s Mod update hacked “Leshy’s Cabin into an endless, and increasingly challenging, roguelike,” according to developer Daniel Mullins.

Inscryption. Credit: Daniel Mullins Games


“Apply different skulls to your run to ascend the Challenge Levels. Reaching new levels unlocks new cards, challenges, and dev logs inscribed by the late Kaycee Hobbes as she uncovered the secrets on the disk.”

The new mode added balance changes, two more Rare Cards, two new items, a final encounter for players who clear Challenge Level 12, and the rest of Kaycee’s dev logs.

In other news, Bungie says Destiny 2 doesn’t run on the Steam Deck, adding that players attempting to circumvent this will be banned.

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