Insiders suggest ‘Battlefield 2042’ could be facing a delay into 2022

A delay to 'Battlefield 2042' could reportedly be announced as soon as this week

Multiple insiders are reporting that Battlefield 2042 will be delayed, with one alleging that the game will be pushed back to 2022.

First discussion of a Battlefield 2042 delay started when journalist Jeff Grubb – who has a solid track record of correctly reporting insider information – tweeted earlier today (September 15) “Welcome to delay season. More delays coming this week”, adding shortly after that “I’m actually referring to a singular delay”.


While there are many different games that Grubb could be referring to, the one that many fans believe to be the subject of Grubb’s tweet is Battlefield 2042. This is partly due to EA’s silence on a BF2042 beta that was meant to occur this September, with one accidental listing suggesting that the beta was meant to run from September 6 to September 11.

Following Grubb’s tweet, content creator ‘Dealer’ reported hearing that “Battlefield 2042 [is] delayed to 2022″. Dealer’s rumours of a delay were corroborated by Xbox Era co-founder Nick ‘Shpeshal Nick’ Baker shortly after, who said that he was “hearing the same” reports.

However, Baker has clarified that while he is hearing of a delay to Battlefield 2042, it is not necessarily a 2022 delay. He also added that while “Nothing is confirmed”, his reports are of “just a delay” with no timeframe attached.

If true, Battlefield 2042 will be one of multiple major games to be delayed this month. Total War: Warhammer 3 was pushed back to 2022 earlier in the week, with Dying Light 2 confirming a similar 2022 delay just one day later.

Earlier in the month (September 4), EA released gameplay showcasing what four of the specialists in Battlefield 2042 will bring to the game. These specialists replace the class system in Battlefield, and each will deliver a different style of play. While one of the specialists is a traditional medic class, another relies on deployable sentry drones and a third is able to use a highly mobile grappling hook.


In other news, Splitgate creator 1047 Games has raised $100million (£72.28million) in a first round of funding, with CEO Ian Proulx sharing that the funds have “solidified our future as an independent, community-first game studio”.

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