Intel Adler Lake documentation suggests Denuvo compatibility issues

DRM may cause problems for Intel's upcoming CPU

Intel has released developer documentation for its Adler Lake CPU’s which suggests issues with DRM such as Denuvo.

Intel’s 12th generation Adler Lake CPU’s are on their way, and new documentation is being distributed to help software developers prepare. However, this information comes with a warning for game developers who use Download Right Management (DRM) software in their games.

The official statement (Via gadget.tendency) said, “If your existing or future game uses DRM middleware, you can contact the middleware vendor to confirm that it supports hybrid architectures in general and the future Intel Alder Lake platform in particular. The nature of modern DRM algorithms is such that they can identify the CPU, so they should be aware of the upcoming hybrid platforms. Intel is working with leading DRM vendors like Denuvo to ensure their solutions support new platforms.”


Those hoping to use Adler Lake technology in their PCs may find that games that use DRM might suffer from poor performance. This would be caused by the poor utilisation of the new hybrid architecture.

DRM already receives a lot of negative feelings because of perceived performance problems in games that use them. As such, it is common for the anti-piracy software to be removed once a game has been out for a while.

Once Adler Lake CPU’s are on the market, it may take some time for game developers and DRM creators to release patches that support the new architecture. At worst, players might be waiting until the DRM is removed before getting full performance from their machines.

While the documentation specified Denuvo, there are many different DRM solutions used in games, and all of them could be affected by the new hardware.

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