IO Interactive addresses ‘Hitman 3’ issues with VR hotfix

The developer is still working on a couple of other fixes for Xbox.

IO Interactive has released a Hitman 3 PC VR hotfix to address performance issues.

Following reports of Hitman 3 VR issues from players, the developer has rolled out a new update that fixes the issues, but it looks like not all issues have been resolved just yet.

IO confirmed in a tweet shared today (January 24), that it’s still working on a permanent fix for crashes that are affecting PC Game Pass players. It also said that it’s escalating efforts to address a crash affecting Xbox console players, and it’s making good progress on Elusive Target Arcade timers. The tweet was an update to a checklist of problems it had identified on January 21.


Hitman 3 received negative reviews by players following its official Steam launch on January 20 not only for the performance issues but for its price. Players criticized IO Interactive’s choice to price the game at £49.99, despite the game launching exactly a year ago.

With the newly added VR support, players stated that the game was “unplayable in its current state in VR” and claims to be unable to progress through the tutorial due to “bugs/glitches”.

The Year 2 patch, which came alongside the Steam release, features the Elusive Target Arcade, which allows players to take on the games Elusive Targets at any time. As the patch notes say, “the three contracts will be permanently available via the Arcade, whether you succeed or not. If you succeed in all missions of a given Arcade Contract, you’ll be able to ‘reset’ the contract and immediately play from the start. Failure at any point is met with a 12-hour lockout.”

In the meantime, a new mod for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gives Geralt of Rivia a makeover, dressing the monster hunter in Henry Cavill’s attire from Netflix’s The Witcher TV show.

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