IO Interactive says “there’s a lot more to come next year” for ‘Hitman 3’

Good news for Hit-fans

IO Interactive says that there are “more people working on Hitman 3” than at the game’s launch eight months ago.

Hitman 3 released in January this year, and has since released extensive DLC, including a premium Seven Deadly Sins pack with the sixth act arriving this week. In an IOI Insider stream, it was revealed that the company is far from done with the game, and has now got more people working on it than there was at launch.

Communications Manager for IOI, Travis Barbour, hosted the stream, and revealed that “there are more people working on Hitman 3 than there was a few months ago”, although he could not give an exact number or any details regarding upcoming DLC plans.


The Seven Deadly Sins DLC is due to conclude soon, but the addition of staff appears to suggest that more elaborate updates to Hitman 3 are yet to come. Barbour also sent out a tweet letting fans know without a doubt that “there’s a lot more to come next year, too”.

The next round of DLC is due to be announced in an upcoming roadmap on September 28. In NME’s review of the base game, Jordan Oloman gave it four stars, saying Hitman 3 was “a confident package of killer content” and “a buffet of brilliant gameplay opportunities for you to gorge on over many months.”

“With immaculate visuals and environments bustling with details to coax out your most chaotic murder sprees, it’s going to be hard to argue against picking this up if you’re a Hit-fan. It’s also a great place to start for those new to the series, with substantial replay value and a VR outing that amounts to far more than simple gimmicks.”

In other news, Naughty Dog has explained that it will reveal its The Last of Us multiplayer game “when it’s ready”.

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