Is ‘Destiny 2’ down?

'Destiny 2' servers are down due to emergency maintenance

Bungie‘s first-person shooter Destiny 2 is currently offline, meaning players are unable to play the game.

Although Destiny 2 servers remain offline at time of writing (8:45AM GMT), Bungie has shared that it estimates to have the game up and running again by around 11AM-12PM today (January 25).

However, the studio has noted that timeline is “subject to change” and it will offer more information at a later date.


Destiny 2 was initially taken down yesterday (January 24) so that Bungie could fix an issue that was causing players to lose their progress with their Triumphs, Seals, and Catalysts. It soon turned out to be a bigger issue than initially realised, as the studio later said Destiny 2 will “remain offline” while its investigation into the bug continues.

Destiny 2 will remain offline while we investigate potential leads surrounding missing Triumphs, Seals, and Catalysts,” Bungie announced on Twitter. We will provide a timeline for bringing Destiny back online as soon as that information becomes available. Standby for updates.”

Currently, trying to log into the game provides a message reading: “Destiny servers are not available. Please check that you have applied all Destiny 2 updates. For more information, visit and search cat.”

On the game’s subreddit, fans have voiced concern over how the downtime will affect their ability to complete limited-time events before they expire, and whether Bungie will issue a rollback to restore the game to a prior point in time. Currently, Bungie is yet to confirm whether players will experience a rollback.

Once Bungie provides more information or servers for Destiny 2 return, NME will provide updates with more details.


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