Japan’s official Water Ambassador is a Pokémon

The holiday celebrates and raises awareness of marine life and habitats

Japan has appointed a water-type Pokémon as their official Water Ambassador for Water Day on August 1.

The water-type Eevee evolution Vaporeon is now the official mascot for Water Day, a Japanese initiative run by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Given its very own mascot suit, Vaporeon was initiated in a ceremony held by Japan’s Minister of the above department.


The August 1 holiday of Water Day raises awareness of conservation of aquatic habitats and animals, and is celebrated annually in Japan. Vaporeon is just the latest in a few Pokémon mascots to represent a Japanese initiative.

Lapras has also been given a starring role as the ambassador for Japan’s Miyagi Prefecture, with the intention of increasing public transport use in the area. Slowpoke and Geodude have also represented similar interests in the past.

The Pokémon Company has recently announced the first Pokémon strategic MOBA game, set to launch on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices this year.

Pokémon UNITE launched on Nintendo Switch on July 21, with a planned mobile release in September that supports cross-play and cross-progression.

In other gaming news, Google is currently celebrating Japanese culture and the Tokyo Olympics with an interactive Google Doodle encompassing both.


Playable on desktops or mobile devices. The Doodle is a fully-functioning set of mini-games with competitive teams and anime cutscenes created by Japanese animation company Studio 4°C.

Doodles have previously featured interactive games inspired by other sports such as baseball, cricket, and basketball, as well as a fully playable browser version of Pac-Man.

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