‘Jett: The Far Shore’ trailer shows a game focused on peaceful exploration

A cinematic narrative adventure from Superbrothers about contemplating the cosmos

Superbrothers revealed a new gameplay trailer for its upcoming science-fiction exploration game Jett: The Far Shore during Sony‘s State of Play presentation yesterday (July 8).

It’s the first significant look at the game since it was first announced in 2020 during Sony’s The Future of Gaming showcase.

Creative Director Craig D. Adams narrates the trailer, explaining that Jett: The Far Shore‘s space exploration is based on the team’s aspirations “to express our own feelings of awe when we look up at the starry sky.”


The player control Mei, one of a unit of aviator scientists who embark on an interstellar journey in order to find a new home to secure humanity’s future, which leads them to arriving on a mysterious ocean planet.

Its premise of exploration is however different to other games in the genre as Adams emphasise, “Our design doesn’t rely on combat or resource extraction.”

“The characters go to some lengths to tread lightly, giving indigenous wildlife a wide berth, striving to adapt and avoid conflict.”

That doesn’t mean there won’t be any hostile threats from the native fauna but the player is instead required to use their tools to escape rather than face them head-on.

Gameplay is instead focused on inspecting living things and traversing the planet at high speed on a ship that can weave through the environment or ‘jump’ over obstacles viewed from a far distance, but also in first-person with “boots on the ground” behind a helmet.


“Over the years, we’ve contemplated what might be on the minds of interstellar explorers, what might propel them, what might haunt them,” Adams adds. Story will therefore be a large focus as well, as sequences provide a glimpse into Mei’s dreams, memories, and visions.

Jett: The Far Shore releases on PS5, PS4, and PC later this year.

The game has had a long road in development where just three people were on the team during its inception. It was also previously delayed from its original 2020 holiday release window.

The recent State of Play also included new gameplay reveals including Deathloop and Sifuas well as new announcements such as PSVR title Moss: Book II.

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