JGOD labels ‘Warzone’ aim assist “broken” and calls for change

There's fierce debate over whether this helping hand is a little too much

Warzone content creator Jgod has called aim assist for controller users on Warzone “broken” after seeing a clip demonstrating its abilities.

Sharing a clip that appears to show a Warzone player using controller-enabled aim assist to quickly track and kill a target, Jgod calls the aim assist feature “broken” and accuses controller players of living “in denial” over its strength (thanks, Dexerto).

Elaborating, JGod adds that aim assist is “what makes it so hard to full commit to KB&M [keyboard and mouse]” as it allows for results that otherwise couldn’t be achieved without “years o[f] practice”.


Responding to someone who states aim assist shouldn’t be removed, Jgod adds that “it should be toned down” but should not be removed entirely from Warzone.

Others argue that aim assist is necessary to counter alleged advantages that PC users have, including FOV (field of view) settings and precision aiming via mouse.

It’s unclear if Activision plan to address the issues surrounding aim assist, however the issue is currently a major point of contention in the community. Over on the Warzone subreddit, many feel that crossplay should not be enabled between console and PC, with one user alleging that “They [PC players] don’t want to play with us and we don’t want to play with them [console players] from what I’m seeing”.

While there’s no news on changes to aim assist, last week Activision’s latest anti-cheat efforts banned the hardware of prominent Warzone cheater Rushman360. The cheater often shared clips demonstrating how different cheats work, and Activision has stated the company is “evolving our programs to ensure repeat offenders do not re-enter Warzone.”


In other news, a large update to Phasmophobia has pushed the concurrent player count up to the highest is has ever been since the early days of launching.