Jonathan Blow claims COVID-19 is manmade and seemingly promotes anti-vax rhetoric

Blow alleges COVID-19 comes from "an oopsie in a lab"

Game developer Jonathan Blow – creator of Braid and The Witness – has posted a series of tweets alleging that COVID-19 was made in a lab and that the government is “suppressing news of side effects”.

In a tweet posted on October 11, Blow referred to COVID-19 as “an oopsie in a lab” and alleged that a “state entity” is “forcing its citizens to undergo an experimental treatment”.

Blow also stated that “many are still pretending that COVID-19 is of natural origin”, which alludes to the idea that COVID-19 was artificially created and leaked from a lab. This claim has been repeatedly refuted by government and intelligence agencies worldwide, following several investigations into the origins of COVID-19. There have also been studies conducted that corroborate the virus originated from animals.


As well as seemingly referring to vaccines as an “experimental treatment”, Blow alleges that governments are “suppressing news of side effects” and calls this “abusive”.

Despite equating ongoing public health vaccination efforts as “forced vaccinations“, Blow also confirmed that he is fully vaccinated.

Blow is the president of Thekla, Inc. and created both Braid and The Witness. The latter of which is a puzzle game that launched in 2016 to positive reviews.

For facts on coronavirus – including more information on the optional vaccination process – visit the NHS website.


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