‘Jurassic World: Aftermath’ brings VR horror to the Oculus Quest this week

Hold on to your butts

Jurassic World: Aftermath is heading to the Oculus Quest platform very soon.

Announced earlier this year, the game has finally received a release date and is arriving as early as tomorrow (December 17). Using the Oculus Quest systems to their full advantage, the game aims to put players face to face with the deadly dinosaurs that roam the island.

Embracing the same gameplay style as games such as Alien: Isolation, players are left defenceless against the beasts that stalk the environments, set two years after the first Jurassic World film. Aftermath comes with a full-length campaign, as puzzles must be solved to progress, as well as avoiding velociraptors and tyrannosaurus rexs by using the environment to the player’s advantage.


To ease the experience for fans of the series who are desperate to jump into the adventure, Jurassic World: Aftermath has a cel-shaded aesthetic to ease players intimated by its gameplay.

Brian Gomez, executive producer for Universal Games spoke to Mashable saying the team “wanted it to still be scary and affecting and immersive, even if it wasn’t filmic — like photo-realism. But we also didn’t want it to be so intimidating and so scary [for] a huge portion of the Jurassic audience that doesn’t want a totally visceral R-rated horror experience.”

Check out the trailer below:

VR gaming has released some noteworthy titles this year outside of Jurassic World: Aftermath, with games such as Half Life: Alyx and Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond. The latter was reviewed by NME, which was noted as being “a disappointing attempt at AAA VR”, which failed “to excel in any area, despite its bombastic premise.”

NME also reviewed the Oculus Quest 2, “a powerful, affordable entry point for the VR-curious” and hope “other devices learn from its wireless design and its far more affordable price point”.


Oculus have said that all its VR headsets will soon require Facebook accounts, a system which have already been integrated with the Oculus Quest 2.

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