Just Add Water founder’s widow urges people to get the COVID vaccine

Founder Stewart Gilray died of COVID-19 following a phobia of needles

The wife of the late Stewart Gilray, who founded British game studio Just Add Water and died after being admitted to hospital with COVID-19, has urged others to get vaccinated. 

Bec Gilray told the Daily Record (via Eurogamer) that “Stewart had a serious fear of needles. In all seriousness, in 25 years he had one blood test. He was fit – he could have lost a stone or two like the rest of us – but he genuinely believed he was going to survive this virus because he was healthy.”

Founder and CEO of game studio Just Add Water, Stewart Gilray led the studio for 15 years through various Oddworld titles and Gravity Crash. A previously undiagnosed lung condition took Gilray’s ability to breathe on his own, and he had to be intubated to aid his breathing after going into hospital.

Bec Gilray then issued a plea for others to get the vaccination for COVID-19, saying “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, it’s horrendous. Stewart was the most generous person and had no qualms about helping anybody. He wanted to retire early and spend more time with us – to be with the kids more. He had all these plans and Covid got him.

“Please, just get vaccinated.”

With the news of Gilray’s passing, several members of the industry paid tribute to him.

“Stewart was one of the most loved people in the games industry,” said indie developer Shahid Ahmad. “He and I hit it off at our very first meeting well over a decade ago and had been very close friends since, sharing our highest highs and lowest lows. He was one of only a handful of people in the industry who I trusted enough to open up with…

“My thoughts and prayers are with them. Stew is irreplaceable and so is our friendship. The massive outpouring of love for him is testament to him as a man who cared deeply about people.”

Stewart Gilray is survived by his wife Bec and their two children.

In other news, graphics cards stolen in California late last year have wound up in Vietnam, as revealed by a serial number.

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