Kate Bishop joins ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ roster next month

Hawkeye will also be coming early 2021

Crystal Dynamics has announced that Kate Bishop will soon join Marvel’s Avengers, marking the first post-launch hero for the game.

Today’s (November 19) Marvel’s Avengers War Table presentation revealed that the new character will be dropping on December 8. Additionally, it’s been confirmed Hawkeye will be joining early 2021.

Kate’s story will follow her tracking down Hawkeye and a missing Nick Fury, while fighting off a new threat known as Super Adaptoids. During her journeys, the chracter will also uncover a huge conspiracy revolving around time travel.


She is also intended to be fairly agile, more akin to characters such as Black Widow, with abilities such as Quantum Shift which allows her to teleport around the environment and attack enemies from behind with a deadly sword. Special abilities such as a decoy move will also spawn holographic replicas to assist in battle.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

Marvel’s Avengers has had a rocky road since release, with Square Enix reportedly losing $62million in the quarter it was released. Before that, the game was seeing a massive loss in its player count, although developer Crystal Dynamics stated it was “confident” players will return.

Other updates have also been made over the past few weeks, adding new outposts, Tachyon Rifts mission, and other post-launch content to keep players invested.


A next-gen version of Marvel’s Avengers is also planned and was originally intended to release this year, however, it has since been postponed till next year to allow more time.

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