‘Kingdom Hearts 4’ announced alongside reveal trailer

The game was revealed during the series' 20th anniversary celebrations

Square Enix has confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 4 is on the way, with a reveal trailer shown off as part of the series’ 20th anniversary.

Announced today (April 10), the reveal trailer was published on Square Enix’s YouTube channel as part of other announcements around the series’ anniversary.

No release date or launch platforms have been confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 4 as of publication, although the trailer can be watched below.


The voiceover in the trailer begins by saying: “If this isn’t the ending you desired – if it brings you despair – then leave this world for another.”

The Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer itself features a modern city setting called Quadratum, where it’s revealed that Sora has been for seven days. Sora then launches into combat with a giant Heartless enemy, with a hooded member of Organisation XIII saying: “If you do leave this world behind, don’t expect to return to the one from which you came.”

The trailer then ends with a short clip of Donald and Goofy – who accompanied Sora through most of the Kingdom Hearts games – searching for Sora before an unseen figure ambushes them. The video ends with the phrase “magic in the making.”

The last game in the series was Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2019, which came to Nintendo Switch on February 10 and the two previous mainline games. Even before these games were released, reports were suggesting that they wouldn’t be worth the price, as they require a constant internet connection to the cloud to play. All three games experience issues with graphics, frame rate and input lag on Nintendo Switch, even if the user has high internet speeds.


In other news, some classic titles on both PS3 and PS Vita are currently unplayable thanks to an expiry error saying they went out of date in 1969.

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