‘Kingdom Hearts 4’ creator Tetsuya Nomura breaks down the recent trailer

The city of Quadratum and the new combat system were explained

New Kingdom Hearts 4 details have emerged, following an interview with series creator and director Tetsuya Nomura.

Nomura recently did an interview that dug into the announcement trailer from last week. Speaking to Famitsu, Nomura explained the trailer’s Tokyo-looking cityscape of Quadratum and the game’s battle system

The reason Quadratum looks like Shibuya Hikarie – a retail complex and skyscraper in Tokyo – is because Nomura sees it as an “easy-to-understand place as a landmark,” and says it increases the “sense of reality” in Kingdom Hearts 4.


Nomura also explained that the room Sora wakes up in during the trailer may be changed ahead of the full release, but that it will remain “the base at the beginning of the game.” When asked if Quadratum is a new world beyond the worlds of light and dark, Nomura agreed with the description.

A few questions were also asked about Kingdom Hearts 4’s battle system, as the announcement trailer included a short snippet of gameplay. It appears that the game will have quick-time events, similar to the reaction commands introduced in Kingdom Hearts 2.

Nomura then revealed that the command “build” seen in the lower left-hand corner during the trailer refers to a new concept in Kingdom Hearts 4 called “scrap and build”. Nomura added that he “can’t tell you the details yet, but destruction and reconstruction are the key. Please wait for the follow-up.”

We’ve collected everything currently known about Kingdom Hearts 4 outside of this interview with Nomura, including the game’s release date and details on what will be new to the franchise in the game.


In other news, an official Sonic The Hedgehog game has been released by Sega on the Roblox platform. Called Sonic Speed Simulator, the title is an open-world multiplayer game that’s available to play now.

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