‘Kingdom Hearts 4’ trailer hints at ‘Star Wars’ crossover

Vigilant fans think 'Kingdom Hearts 4' could take players to Endor, a planet in the 'Star Wars' universe

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted what looks like a Star Wars crossover in the latest trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4.

Yesterday (April 10), Square Enix announced that Kingdom Hearts 4 is on the way, with a trailer revealing a more realistic art style for the game.

Within that trailer, fans believe that they have spotted proof that the Star Wars universe will appear in the fourth game.


Around 30 seconds into the trailer, a lush forest that resembles Endor – a planet that features in 1983 Star Wars film Return of the Jedi – appears.

Within that forest, fans believe that the foot of an AT-ST can be spotted, a vehicle in Star Wars that appears in Return of the Jedi‘s scenes set on Endor. You can see the supposed AT-ST at the 35-second mark of the trailer below – keep an eye on the top-right of the screen:

Though it’s only a brief glimpse, the object does resemble an AT-ST’s foot – you can see a full comparison over at Star Wars News Net.

As Kingdom Hearts takes place across the Disney universe, and as the company acquired Star Wars back in 2012, it’s completely plausible that a Star Wars world could make an appearance.

Beyond the trailer’s potential Star Wars teaser, there’s plenty more information that fans can glean from the video. Several of the trilogy’s mainstay characters – Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy – make an appearance, as well as a member of the villainous Organisation XIII.


Much of the trailer is set in Quadratum, a modern-looking city where Sora has been living for a week before being attacked by a towering Heartless enemy. Some of the gameplay set in Quadratum shows Sora running up skyscrapers and engaging in vertical combat with the shadowy foe.

In other news, Warframe developer Digital Extremes has confirmed a release date for the game’s Angels of the Zariman expansion.