‘Kirby And The Forgotten Land’ developer plans to “explore new genres”

"We will continue to explore via trial and error and not just limit ourselves to 3D"

Developers at HAL Laboratory have explained how Kirby And The Forgotten Land may impact the future of the pink sphere’s franchise.

In a recent interview with The Washington Post, a few members of the team at HAL Laboratory and Nintendo talked about what the jump to complete 3D could mean for the series, and how that shift in design has inspired change throughout the franchise.

“We brought Kirby to the 3D action/platformer genre along with the series’ iconic elements, including the nonstop, feel-good action and excitement,” said Kei Nonimiya of Nintendo’s EPD division.


“We also incorporated elements that challenge advanced players while still maintaining playability. I feel that what we achieved in this game has opened up more possibilities for future Kirby titles.”

“We hope to continue this momentum and explore new genres and new ways to play in the future,” Nonimiya added.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land. Credit: Nintendo.

Whilst 3D is new for Kirby, a point was made of how it will not necessarily be the “standard going forward,” according to HAL Laboratory’s Shinya Kumazaki.

“We will continue to explore via trial and error and not just limit ourselves to 3D […] it could be considered an important “milestone” in the long history of the series,” they added.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land first caught people’s eyes when it showed off the new “Mouthful Mode,” which sees Kirby essentially wrap himself around objects, from staircases to cars and cones.


The developers wanted to make sure it was always obvious what Kirby had inhaled, with particular attention brought to how the bottom of the car peeks out from underneath the affectionately fan-named Karby, or how the stairs outline is incredibly obvious just due to the shape.

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