‘Kirby’s Dream Buffet’ launches on Nintendo Switch this summer

The game will be launching exclusively via the Nintendo eShop

Nintendo has revealed Kirby’s Dream Buffet, a four-player multiplayer game coming to Nintendo Switch this summer.

Today (July 12), the publisher shared the announcement trailer for Kirby’s Dream Buffet, which finds a gang of Kirbys rolling through a collection of food-themed stages consisting of four rounds.

The game, which will be launching exclusively via the Nintendo eShop, will allow local or online multiplayer and up to four players per party. Players will need to collect strawberries in order to grow bigger and prepare for the final battle of each stage.


You can check out the announcement trailer below:

As the player’s Kirby grows, they will also be able to knock other players off the stage and use familiar Copy Abilities, or Copy Food Abilities, as they are called in Kirby’s Dream Buffet, in order to beat the competition and win.

The trailer shows a collection of vibrant stages which are all themed around food. Kirby can also be seen transforming into other baked goods as well, such as a cupcake and a pink chocolate bar. It also looks like the winner will be rewarded with a medal of sorts for being the biggest Kirby by the end of the round.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet offers accessible gameplay for players of all skill levels, but also presents a healthy challenge for those looking to satiate their craving for friendly competition,” Nintendo explains.

At this time, a dedicated release date has yet to be announced, but players can look forward to a summer release date. Further information can be found on the official Nintendo website.


In other news, Nintendo has issued a warning to owners of the Nintendo Switch using the console during the hot weather. The company has given advice to players explaining the importance of the game’s ventilation during the climate.