‘Knockout City’ will still be free-to-try after free trial concludes

The multiplayer game is still reeling people in

Knockout City’s free trial has finished, but EA is replacing it with an alternative deal, allowing players to reach Street Level 25 before paying.

The fast-paced, multiplayer dodgeball game launched on a free-to-play basis, but Knockout City will continue to offer free trials to anyone under Street Level 25.


The tweet promoting the new deal read “If your friends are just joining us, they’ll be able to play for free and level up to Street Rank 25 before purchasing the game. That’s also enough game time to teach them to pass the ball”.

Knockout City is available on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox Series X/S, and has been confirmed as a free EA Access and Xbox GamePass game.

Knockout City received four out of five stars in Alan Martin’s review for NME. “Knockout City might seem generic at first glance but beneath the plasticky models and Fortnite-esque visuals, there’s a tense game of cat and mouse that’s oddly compelling.

Many people will be put off by the visuals, but this is a competitive shooter at its core, and it could be one of the more interesting releases to have surfaced this year.”

Meanwhile, Sony is continuing its ‘Play At Home’ event, giving away free in-game currency and items. Some of the items included in the giveaway are a Plus Pack of unique custom items for Rocket League cars, an exclusive Ronin Outfit for Rogue Company and a selection of skins for Brawlhalla.


From May 21 Call Of Duty: Warzone will also be included, offering Double XP tokens as part of ‘Play At Home’. The offers will run until June 7 and will require an internet connection and a PlayStation Store account.

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