Koichi Sugiyama, composer of the ‘Dragon Quest’ series dies aged 90

The series creator and a character artist pay their respects

Square Enix has announced the passing of Koichi Sugiyama, composer of the Dragon Quest series of games today (October 7).

Announced on the company’s official website, Sugiyama, who created more than 500 songs for eleven games, for over 35 years passed away on September 30, aged 90. He is also known for his work composing songs for the long running Shiren the Wanderer titles. Square Enix announced that the funeral would be attended by close friends and family only.

The company also asked, at the request of the bereaved family, that no condolence calls, gifts or flowers are to be given as they mourn. Square Enix are planning to hold a celebration of the composer’s life in the future at an as yet undecided date. Sugiyama was composing for the currently unreleased Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate at the time of his death.

Dragon Quest X: Rise Of The Five Tribes Offline. Credit: Square Enix

Creator of Dragon Quest Yuji Horii, and character designer Akira Toriyama shared their public condolences, which NME has translated from Japanese below.

“I am devastated to have heard of Mr. Sugiyama’s sudden passing. For the 35 years since Dragon Quest’s creation, Mr. Sugiyama has brought life into its world through his music. He truly wrote a great number of wonderful songs. He will continue to live on through the music of Dragon Quest, and in the hearts of its players.

“Mr. Sugiyama thank you for everything you have done over the years.” – Yuji Horii (Creator of Dragon Quest)

“I was surprised to hear of the passing of Mr. Sugiyama. From the impression I got seeing him a few years ago, I thought he had been granted eternal life. Ever since Dragon Quest, Mr. Sugiyama loved video games. Now when one thinks of Dragon Quest, they think of the impressive number of masterpieces he created. That is no exaggeration.

“It was an incredible honour to work with you throughout the years! My prayers are with you from the bottom of my heart.” – Akira Toriyama (Character artist from Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger)

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