Konami cancels its Nintendo Switch exclusive, ‘Hyper Sports R’

“We have decided to cancel its development due to various circumstances,” says Konami

Konami has pulled the plug on its Nintendo Switch exclusive, Hyper Sports R.

The announcement was made via the company’s official website on June 10. “We have decided to discontinue development on Hyper Sports R for the Nintendo Switch,” Konami wrote. “The team had been continually working on the game since its initial reveal in June 2018. However, after much consideration, we have decided to cancel its development due to various circumstances.”

Although Konami did not reveal its reasons behind the cancellation, the company has apologised to fans of the series. “We deeply apologise to all our valued customers who have been patiently anticipating the release of this game for this significant inconvenience,” it continued.


Hyper Sports R, which was first announced at E3 in 2018, was slated to be a reimagining of the original 1984 Hyper Sports. The most recent entry in the series was 2010’s Hyper Sports Track & Field for iOS devices.

In other Konami news, the company has announced its intentions to publish more titles developed by Western studios in order to cater to a wider target audience in the region. The company has also stated that it will be dedicated to the new initiative for the long haul, regardless of the size of new IPs.

Konami is also releasing a Silent Hill DLC with Behaviour Interactive for Dead By Daylight this month. The DLC pack will include Silent Hill’s famed monster, Pyramid Head, a new survivor Cheryl Mason (a.k.a Heather from Silent Hill 3), and the Midwich Elementary School map.