Konami competition offers indie devs a chance to revive some classic titles

One lucky winner could have their game funded by Konami

Konami is running a competition that will let small development teams in Japan revive older Konami titles, with a cash prize and shot at funding attached.

Through the ‘Konami Action & Shooting Game Contest‘, Konami is offering indie devs a chance to win a cash prize and “an offer to commercialise” any game that uses specific older Konami titles (thanks, Nintendo Life).

Working with Shueisha Game Creators Camp – which aims to support indie game developers – the competition asks developers to create a new title based on anything from over 80 games listed. Unfortunately for western game developers, applicants must live in Japan to qualify.


While the available titles are in Japanese, some of the titles up for use include Star Soldier, Parodius and Twinbee. At the same time, Nintendo Life has also spotted Gradius and Goemon in the mix.

The prize for this competition includes 2million Yen (£13,336) and the chance for Konami to help take successful games to the public. As detailed on the competition’s website:

“For works that can be commercialised, Konami has an offer to commercialise them. In addition to investing up to 30million yen [£199,382] for projects targeted for commercialisation, Konami will provide various support such as supervision and production advice for commercialisation, localisation support, promotion, and rental of development equipment.”

The contest began on September 30 and will run until January 6. One title will be awarded the above, though five runners-up can win 573,000 (£3808) and an “excellence award trophy”.

While Konami is opening this competition up for smaller titles, it allegedly has much bigger plans in the works. As detailed in a report on Friday (October 1), an anonymous publishing source has claimed that Konami is working on revivals for Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania and Silent Hill.


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