Kratos’ voice actor says ‘God Of War: Ragnarok’ was delayed due to illness

"To the beloved fandom, Ragnarok was delayed because of me"

Christopher Judge, the voice actor behind Kratos, has revealed that God Of War: Ragnarok was delayed due to an illness he faced in 2019.

Taking to Twitter, Judge stated “Ragnarok was delayed because of me” and explained that in 2019 he faced significant health issues leaving him unable to walk. The illness required “back surgery, both hips replaced, and knee surgery” as well as rehab, which Sony Santa Monica waited for him to recover from.

Judge added that he received “nothing but love and support” from Sony Santa Monica, who “never said a word about the delay, and what caused it”.


The voice actor also clarified that his statements were “approved by no one” and felt that he needed “to be forthcoming”.

Back in June, Sony Interactive Entertainment head Herman Hulst said that God Of War: Ragnarok was “affected by access to performance capture and talent” and would be delayed to 2022. Touching on the necessity of the delay, Hulst said “with these things, something’s gotta give. It cannot be the quality of our titles, and it surely won’t be the health or wellbeing of our amazing team”.

Hulst explained that the delay was made “to ensure that Santa Monica Studio can deliver the amazing God Of War game that we all want to play”.

God Of War: Ragnarok is currently slated for an unspecified 2022 release date, however fans did get a new trailer this month, which achieved over 10million views in a very short amount of time.

Despite the delay, fans have been getting plenty of new information on the upcoming title, including the fact that the game will give Kratos even stronger abilities with more unique shields.


In other news, Xbox head Phil Spencer has said that console shortages will “definitely” continue in 2022.

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