Lara Croft heads to ‘Fortnite’ in a new Primal themed season

Neymar Jr will also be available via battle pass

Lara Croft is heading to Fortnite as the game embraces a new primal theme.

This morning saw the start of Chapter 2 Season 6 of Epic Games‘ battle royal. The theme of the update is ‘Primal’ and the island map has been updated to reflect this, with a new primal biome being added.

Season 6’s battle pass will feature new skins, including Lara Croft in various guises. The character will be available in the form of retro skin that references her original PlayStation outing, a more modern look from Square Enix’s Tomb Raider trilogy, and a version unique to Fortnite.


The recently teased Neymar Jr. skin is also coming to the battle pass, along with a range of new Fortnite characters such as the egg-shell wearing chicken Cluck, and the formidable looking Spire Assassin.

The official preview details the new additions which include weapon crafting. With the right materials, players will be access to craft primal weapons such as the Primal Rifle and the Flame and Metal Bow.

Wildlife is also now present on the island, and will roam the map. Players will be able to hunt and tame various animals, which range from chickens to boars and wolves, and gather materials for crafting.

Whilst the Primal update has largely removed modern technology from the game’s map, there will be caches left by preppers which will allow players to find rare and legendary weapons such as rocket launchers.

The transition form Chapter 2 Season 5 saw the end of the Zero Point story line which has been running for the last few seasons. Epic recently announced the Zero Point Finale, a single player event, would greet players who log in for Season 6.