Latest ‘Ghost Of Tsushima: Director’s Cut’ patch fixes a bunch of issues

Version 2.09 is available now

Sucker Punch has released a new Ghost Of Tsushima: Director’s Cut patch that fixes several gameplay issues.

Version 2.09, which was announced on Twitter yesterday (September 5), is available to download now and patches several issues related to gameplay and performance.

According to the Tweet, the patch “fixes a crash some users were experiencing” as well as “resolves an issue with Iki lighthouses and includes adjustments for matchmaking in Legends”.


Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut launched on August 20 and has already received another update in the form of patch 2.07 which fixed issues surrounding missing armour and mission rewards. The patch fully restored the Fundoshi armour to those playing New Game+, as it had previously been vanishing from players’ inventories.

The update also fixes multiple quest bugs, reduces the length of haptic feedback when fast travelling, fixes Activity Cards as well as improves the overall UI.

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut is available now on PS4 and PS5 and includes the base game along with the Iki Island expansion. The PS5 version has exclusive features including 60 FPS gameplay and Japanese lip-sync.

Meanwhile, a separate update for Ghost of Tsushima has made the foxes even more adorable. As spotted by the Twitter feed Can You Pet the Dog? the foxes in the open-world action-adventure game now have brand new animations, hopping about in anticipation of the player petting them as well as rolling on their backs for belly rubs.


Elsewhere, Naoki Yoshida, the producer on Final Fantasy 16 and director of MMORPG Final Fantasy 14, has confirmed that he is still working on both games.

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